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Pick Your Pages

We like to call it the Rule of Three: whatever template or style you select, your iDentityShoppe Website comes with 3 pages. In designing your site, you get to choose any three options from the menu of exciting pages below; simply pick whichever ones fit your needs best, and think about which three would make the most delicious combination together.

And if you find you still have more to say? Go ahead and choose a few extras a la carte—additional pages can be purchased as add-on’s.

Home Page—This is your intro; it grabs a viewer’s attention and tells them what your brand is and why you’re one-of-a-kind.

About Page—When you want to give potential customers the option to get to know you a little better, this page serves a more in-depth bio of you or your business.

Work With Me Page—Lay out how your process works on this nitty-gritty page, which can also include contact and pricing info.

Services Page—What do you do best, exactly? Here’s where you describe the tasks your company can perform, and, perhaps, an idea of rates as well.

Speaker Page—If you give lectures, teach classes, or speak on panels, this page lets you to list the topics you are comfortable discussing, and outlines how to book you as a speaker. You can even include a brief video of yourself in action!

Book Page—Are you an author? On this page (or pages) you’ll briefly describe your book(s), list reviews or blurbs, post book trailers or video interviews, and maybe even link to Amazon or other retail outlets.

Portfolio Page—Ideal for painters, photographers, and other visual artists, this single page offers the opportunity to show several of your works in one place.

Blog Page—Host your blog right on your site; this page will update instantly with every new post and can allow viewers to subscribe so they won’t miss a message.

Praise or Testimonials Page—Here’s where your satisfied customers’ written endorsements go; why not include a video as well?

Giving Back Page—Are charitable initiatives a major part of your business? Let viewers know how which causes you’re passionate about and what you’re doing to support them.

Contact Page—Your email, phone numbers, and social media links (think Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus) all go here, so that potential customers can reach you in the most efficient way possible.