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Think of the template of your site as the layout of your house: you get to decorate it and make renovations, but it provides the basic structure. We offer three stellar options to choose from; each one is versatile, eye-catching and customizable—you decide how much text and how many images to include and whether or not you want an embedded video. Pick the one that works best for your needs, and your “house” will have a super-solid foundation. (Keep in mind you’ll get to choose three pages from our Page Shoppe to function as the “rooms” of your house.) And if you want some advice as to what’s the right choice, call 949.424.3932 and one of our Personal Shoppers will help you select the perfect style.

The Multi-Medium

This format strikes a nice balance between text and visual content, such as the embedded video. Its clean design ensures that no element is overshadowed, while still allowing plenty of room for copy, making it ideal for writers, bloggers, or entrepreneurs who love to write. Visit the Site


  • Responsive Design – Auto-sizes to fit any screen beautifully
  • Homepage Video
  • Streamlined look
  • Ideal for authors, resume sites, and bloggers because it showcases text

The Artist

Calling all painters, photographers and crafters! This site emphasizes visual images, allowing for several to appear right on the homepage; it’s perfect for someone looking to showcase a portfolio. And if you still want an embedded video, that can be added as well. Visit the Site


  • Fun, creative look
  • Photo gallery on the homepage
  • Can easily link to Etsy or another online storefront
  • Paypal can be integrated onto this (or any) site–see the a la carte menu
  • Ideal for artists, craftspeople, and creatives

The Entrepreneur

Looking to sell a product or program? This site is ideal for business owners because it is pared-down, drawing viewers focus to the embedded video and the text—and therefore to what you have to offer. The wide banner space, if combined with the custom banner option can lead to a high-end, custom-designed look with out the custom-designed price tag.  Visit the Site


  • Responsive/Mobile Design – Auto-sizes to fit any screen perfectly
  • Attention-grabbing design
  • Homepage Video (extra images can be added as well)
  • Recent blog posts visible on homepage so you can share the latest
  • Ideal for small business owners, authors, resume sites, and bloggers

The Brand-Builder

Strong, simple, and stunning, if we do say so ourselves, this template makes an instant impact on viewers thanks to its streamlined design and rotating image carousel, which allows photos, quotes, catchphrases, or taglines to fill up the screen. If you’ve got a crystal-clear understanding of your personal or corporate brand, this site will help you knock viewers over the head with your message.
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  • Responsive/Mobile Design – Auto-sizes to fit any screen perfectly
  • Connect with Me box is front and center, making getting in touch a no-brainer
  • Image carousel highlights your strongest images or phrases
  • Ideal for entrepreneurs with a unique product, creatives with a specific niche, and anyone looking to spread a specific brand profile quickly and clearly.

The Executive

Every successful businessperson knows the key to building a business is networking—and making a killer first impression. Whether you run a brick-and-mortar operation or a web-based company, this design allows you to do just that, with a super-visible opt-in bar that allows casual browsers to become future customers with the click of a button, and a bold header area that lets your product, logo, or catchphrase wow at first glance.
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  • Responsive/Mobile Design – Auto-sizes to fit any screen perfectly
  • Streamlined home page makes social media and opt-in opportunities stand out—and draw customers in!
  • Horizontal opt-in bar is a proven list-building tool
  • Image carousel is a beautiful opportunity to highlight products (but can be replaced with one photo if you prefer)
  • Ideal for entrepreneurs looking to build their customer base and impress potential clients using strong visual imagery.
  • Combine it with a custom banner design for optimum results.

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