Want More Features?

Custom headerThis is the real-estate at the very top of your site and the most important section for branding and messaging. We can design a custom look for this area of your site. $247
Additional web pages or blog posts $97 per page
Custom faviconLittle image at the tab on the top of your webpage where the name of your website is displayed. By default these will have the iDentityShoppe logo. $97
Rotating image gallery $127
Image formatting We can resize, recolor or crop photos you would like to use on your site. Sold in groups of up to 5 photos. $97
Custom fontsCustom fonts can be provided by the client or your personal shopper can assist you in finding. (see included fonts) $87
Social media icon setsYour personal shopper will find a set that works with your site. The default is the one shown on the sample template. $97
Advanced opt-in setupWant to draw more attention to your mailing list? Use this add-on to customize the look of your opt-in form or personalize the signup process. $97
Custom Facebook page designIncludes a custom Timeline design and profile image. $195
Customized Facebook tabsIncludes design and setup for custom apps / pages. $97 each
Advanced Facebook integrationDisplay Facebook comments or likes on your website. $97
Custom Twitter background $147
Setup Google Apps (email)Setup Google Apps for Business on your domain (requires a paid account with Google) $97 per email
Submit to top search enginesHelp boost your site’s SEO and submit your site to the top search engines on the web. $97
Web copy writing $275 per page
Editing & proofreading content $97 per page
Video script writingWe will assist you with developing key messages, key questions and clearly communicating with your target audience. (2 to 3 minute video) $497
One-on-one WordPress training $97 per hour
Personal Branding or Web Strategy Consult $147 per hour
Sub-navigationMultiple pages under one navigation item. Simply layer content and say more on your site with this option. for layered content $97
Multiple navigationsIdeal when you have a lot to say but you want it all to be easy to find and front and center. (second toolbar) $137
Upgrade RSS to Google FeedBurnerAdvanced blog subscription tool that allows you to send blog posts automatically to the inboxes of your subscribers as you post them. Requires a Google Account. $47
Basic PayPal setupAdd and customize PayPal’s basic donate or buy now buttons for up to 3 products. $187
Advanced PayPal setupAdd and customize a shopping cart plugin connected to PayPal. (Discuss with your personal shopper 949.424.3932) $347
Event/calendar plugin $127
Hosting and maintenanceMaintenance includes updating WordPress, updating approved plugins and customizations, and backing up the site. The first year is included. $295 per year
One-on-one customizations $87 per hour


We’re updating our iDentityShoppe packages; to purchase, please contact us on our brandiD site.