Q: I LOVE your concept and need your help, how do I get started?

A: Ahh, thanks for the good feelings!  Go back to the homepage and look at the third section (it’s the one in green).  Click on the “Check Out” link and you can begin there.


Q: What content management system are your websites built on?

A: WordPress. We think it’s the easiest to use, and Google loves it, so it’s very search-friendly.


Q: Will Google be able to find my new website?

A: Sure will. As with any new website, they’ll find it sooner or later. And there are lots of extra things you can do to get it found sooner; Google has written lots of info on the topic.  We also create each site on Studio Press’ Genesis platform, which already has some built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Q: Once I make design selections can I make changes?

A: Only if you manage to catch up with your Personal Shopper before we actually start building your website. (A Personal Shopper is a live person who will connect with you to assist you with the process)


Q: What if I don’t like my website in the end?

A: All the design choices are up to you, so think through your decisions carefully, and try to visualize how something might look when it’s combined with another one of your choices. Not easy to do, we know, but that’s why we’ll let you make changes –  twice – to your font or color choices.


Q: How many revisions can I make once you put my site together?

A: You can change your color and font choices twice. If you have us upload an image or you buy a custom banner, we’ll also make changes there for you twice. After that, we charge a $95 hourly fee for additional changes. But don’t worry, we work fast.  ; )


Q: How long will it take you to build my website?

A: Once we receive everything, and we mean EVERYthing, it will take us about one week to build the basic site for you. Any additional customizations will take a little longer, but not too much.  The additional time will depend on what customizations your ordered. We can tell you how long things will take when you place your order.


Q: Do I need to complete the 360º Assessment in order to get a website?

A: No, you don’t have to, but we highly recommend it. The assessment provides lots of valuable insight into yourself, how others perceive you as a brand and oh, so much more.  And you won’t find this tool offered by any other web design & development company in the world!  Plus, it’s free when you build a website with us. So why not use it?


Q: Do you need the report from the 360º Assessment to get started on my website?

A: The final report of the 360º Assessment will provide you with insight into yourself and your brand so you can make better design choices for your site, so it’s a good idea for you to have it before we finalize any color or font choices. (For example: if people say over and over that they view you as very loving, you may want red, which is associated with love, to be one of your color choices – if it also makes sense for your business and your target audience.) As for whether we need to see the assessment or not, you may choose to share the information you learn in your report with us so we can help guide your choices, or you can keep it to yourself as you use it to make informed decisions; it’s entirely up to you.


Q: I loved the 360º Assessment, how can I learn more about myself and the report results?

A: Check out our “writing and coaching add-ons” on the pricing page. You can purchase a 360º Coaching Session, “How to Live  Your Brand Authentically,” and work directly with a Reach-certified personal branding coach (Reach is #1 provider of personal branding training and certification).


Q: Can I take the 360º Assessment without being an iDentityShoppe customer?

A: Sure, go to Reach Personal Branding. If you’re not an iDentityShoppe customer, the cost is $47.


Q: What sections of my template can be customized?

A:  Anywhere you see text, images or videos on the templates you are looking at, those elements can be customized with your own content. We  can even customize the social media icons, the link and rollover colors, the fonts, the placement of some of the images on the page, etc…just tell us what you want and we’ll let you know if it can be done.


Q: Can you help find photos or images for my website?

A: No, we can’t.  We would love to, but it takes a lot of time to find the right image or photo, and we’re more efficient at building websites than at doing photo research.  But if you give us two or three options you’ve found, we’ll pick the one we think is best for your site.


Q: Will I be able to update the copy / content on my website after it’s built?

A: Yup! You sure will. We’re all about teaching people how to do it themselves after we’ve built a website for them.


Q: When does my hosting/maintenance plan go into effect?

A: As soon as you click the “pay” button in your online checkout to start working with us.  Your “anniversary” will be commemorated each year with a shout out from one of our personal shoppers letting you know that your plan is up for renewal.


Q: Can you create an email account for me if I use the hosting services provided in the basic template?

A: We sure can! We use Bluehost as our hosting partner.  We can create an email account at your domain (it’s an add-on item) but just keep one thing in mind if you decide to cancel your account or try another email provider in the future we won’t be able to give you your old emails.


Haven’t answered your question here?  Go to our contact page and ask us anything you want.