What Color is My Brand?

Did you know that colors communicate? Each hue represents different attributes about a brand. By using the right color palette you can quickly communicate a lot about yourself or your business to your target audience. For example: blue is a color that represents education and wisdom, so if you’re an expert offering an informational product, about something you’re expert in blue would be a great color choice for your website.

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Which color best represents YOU?

Blue  represents

Intelligence, integrity, loyalty, authority, truth, wisdom, power, confidence, reliability, stability, security and expertise
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Green  signifies

Nature, optimism, fertility, youth, healing, the environment, relaxation, rebirth, luck and growth
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Yellow  signifies

Happiness, joy, intellect, light, creativity, warmth, sunshine, energy or caution
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Orange  represents

Competition, energy, determination, potency, success, force, vitality, productivity, strength and encouragement
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Red  represents

Energy, action, love, desire, passion, determination, courage and power
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Purple  represents

Ambition, wealth, competition, mystery, spirituality, mysticism, magic, inspiration, dignity, luxury and royalty
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Pink  signifies

Femininity, romance, thoughtfulness, caring and intimacy
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Brown  signifies

Politeness, coziness, warmth and helpfulness
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Black  represents

Strength, power, class, elegance and boldness
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White  signifies

Purity, innocence, peace and tranquility
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